Other Doctoral Programs:

In Russia there is a two-tier system of doctoral degrees. The degree of Doctor of Science (D.Sc) should be considered for recognition at the level of the second doctoral degree.  

D.Sc programs admit students with PhD degrees. Russian Medical Institutions offers D.Sc programs on full-time and distance learning arrangements. Full-time D.Sc fellowship lasts 3 years, distance learning programs last a maximum of 4 years. During the course D.Sc students perform their research projects and are expected to defend their project and obtain the D.Sc degree (in Russia it is called ‘doctor of medical science’, ‘doctor of pharmaceutical science’, ‘doctor of biological science’, or ‘doctor of chemical science’).

Russian Medical Institutions offers D.Sc programs in a wide range of specialties in medical, pharmaceutical, biological and chemical sciences:

Physical chemistry (chemical sciences)

Parasitology (biological and medical sciences)

Cellular biology, cytology, histology (biological sciences)

Internal medicine (medical sciences)

Neurology (medical sciences)

Radiology, radiotherapy (medical sciences)

Surgery (medical sciences)

Rheumatology (medical sciences)

Pulmonology (medical sciences)

Human anatomy (medical sciences)

Pathological anatomy (medical sciences)

Pharmacology, clinical pharmacology (medical sciences)

Rehabilitation medicine, sports medicine, physical therapy, balneology and physiotherapy (medical sciences)

Pharmaceutical technology (pharmaceutical sciences)

Pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy (pharmaceutical sciences).