Anthem has the exclusive contracts with the Foreign Medical Universities. We provide direct confirm admission to the student as soon as we receive the documents from the student. One can secure the seat by submitting the documents and a small amount of fees. By doing the registration your seat will be booked. There are limited seats available, if registration is late then students has to rush to some other universities not the desired one.
Once university is confirmed and the desired documents are submitted to us we will confirm admission on the spot without paying any kind of donation and will provide the admission letter on the very next day.

Visa Stamping

One of the basic need to go abroad is VISA. Which has to be applied and fetch by the embassy of the desire country where student is going to fetch education. For applying VISA there are many rules and regulation which are differed country to country and which can change time to time. Without fulfilling these regulations VISA can't be approved. Anthem assures student will definitely get VISA. Usually we will collect documents from student and apply for admission, after confirm admission University issues the Visa invitation letter. We apply for VISA with required documents along with the visa invitation letter. We will provide the confirm visa to the student at his home.

Ticketing, travelling and Money Exchange

After getting admission in Medical college in Foreign like in Russia and after stamping of VISA, The Indian student has to travel to abroad. Anthem consultancy provides the list of products required in foreign from clothing, cooking essentials and daily need products. It is our responsibility to book OneWay Air Ticket of all the students in a group. While going to abroad students has to take the foreign currency with them for the payment of fees and for daily expenses. We will accept the Indian currency in India and will provide the local currency to the students. We will also provide local bank cards to the students which will be very cheap in day today expenditure..

Assistance On Arrival to Abroad

Indian Students on Arrival at the airport are our responsibility. Our Co-ordinators will receive the student at the airport and will take them to the Hostel where the rooms will be pre booked for them. After keeping their luggage at their rooms we will provide them meal and will proceed for the documentation process which includes, living registration at the immigration office, medical checkup, medical insurance, arrival reporting to the university, other documentation, signing of Fees contract and payment of college and hostel fees.

Accommodation And City tour

In foreign country, accommodation is the big question before the Indian student, but no worries. ANTHEM Consultancy book the best hostel rooms for the student at the time of Admission with all the luxurious facilities like, 24hrs Hot and Cold running water, 24hrs Electricity, 24hrs Centralised Heater facility,3 cots in one room with mattress and pillow, weakly bed sheet washing facility, washing machine facility for students, Fire Safety with smoke detector, 24hrs camera surveillance, 24hrs security guards, free ambulance facility, well equipped kitchen with cooking facility is provided by our Hostel. After setting the rooms Anthem Consultancy provide the free city tour to the Indian Students showing all the places where students can buy the things of daily use.

24 Hours Help in Hostel and University

Our coordinators are available at the university and hostel for any kind of help for our Indian students. We provide complete guidance and services regarding all type of documentation in university and hostel. Our coordinators are available 24 hours for the help of our Indian students, they help in hostel living registration, Insurance, medical checkup, medical emergencies, police verification, buying products, city tour, sim card purchase, ATM money withdraw and many more. Indian students in Russian Medical University never have to be worried about any kind of situation they get in hostel and in University. Our coordinators are 24 hours available for their help.

ABOUT our services

For years AFEC has played a major role in international education. One of the leading educational consultancy based in Russia. We have the answers to all your questions about studying abroad. AFEC remains dedicated towards being a comprehensive one-stop consultant for all those who wish to study in Russia. AFEC has many coordinators across India, they guide students through each step, from choosing the best course to submitting your university application as well as helping them through the visa requirements. In short AFEC ensures that you are well prepared for a new life in a new country. Our services can be listed as,

Our services can be listed as,

  1. Prompt replies to our students through E-mail or phone or WhatsApp.
  2. Assistance in selecting best University and course.
  3. Assistance in choosing appropriate master’s program
  4. Assistance in Tuition fee payments to the University
  5. Airport pick up from all International airports.
  6. Transport to the University
  7. Assistance in Immigration Clearance on Arrival
  1. Assistance at Moscow airport
  2. Transport from Moscow to University hostel
  3. Passport and accommodation registration in immigration office
  4. Visa extension (In India student will get only 3-month visa, that should be extended to 1 year)
  5. Medical check-up (HIV test and other regular checkups)
  6. Tour of University and surroundings.
  7. Tour of city for purchasing daily products.
  8. Assistance for purchasing cloths and shoes for winter (Winter cloths, jackets and shoes are different than regular and can’t be purchased in India. Only experienced person can help for buying these items)
  9. Free Medical Insurance for First time (Medical insurance what AFEC do covers free treatment of students from common infections, fracture, and major operations like kidney stone removal, appendix removal etc. It also covers the free diagnosis like blood test, CT-scan, MRI, Angiography, X-ray etc. It will be the insurance for the student)
  10.  And of course, full time assistance in Medical treatment and emergencies.
  11. Assistance for issuing Students ID card, hostel card, International student card (free of cost)
  12. Opening of a Bank account in a local bank.
  13. Support to our students during the whole period
  14. Arrangement of Separate rooms for female students
  15. Visa support during the entire of study

Services to the Parents of the Indian students,

  1. Obtain and sending the tourism invitation
  2. Reservation of hotel and other places for our clients
  3. Transferring our clients from airport to hostels
  4. Delivering car and drivers for daily excursion
  5. Delivering translator.
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